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Parking near Livermore Cycling Routes

Looking for parking near Livermore cycling routes? Here are my favorite parking spots near incredible bike segments for training, climbing, and flats.

Why cycle in Livermore? Livermore, California is a semi-rural area with beautiful scenery, miles of rolling hills with vistas and vineyards, and not too many cars. The climate is temperate, tending to be dry and warm(-ish) all year round.The city of Livermore is incredibly bike friendly with bike lanes along most of the more trafficked streets, but — more importantly — lots of non-trafficky rural roads. If you aren’t already nearby, it is definitely worth driving to Livermore to save your energy for a great destination bike ride.

Where to find Parking near Livermore Cycling

Independence Park

  • offers ample free parking spots, some spots in shade
  • located a few miles off of the “Isabel Ave” I-580 exit
  • proximity to numerous climbs – it’s located ~7 miles away from 1.5 mile-climb Del Valle and 5-mile-plus-climb Mines Road, among others, giving you a good leg warmup on the way, plus the opportunity to ride past or through acres of stunning Wente Vineyards

William Payne Sports Park

  • offers tons of free parking, except for a rare weekend morning when a large sporting event is happening
  • located < 1 mile off the “Vasco Road” exit of I-580
  • no shaded parking – bring a sun shade for your car in the summer; it gets hot!
  • drinking fountains to refill your water bottle
  • immediate access to miles of semi-flat rides, great for training
  • located 3 to 5 miles away from climbing up Del Valle, Mines Road, the ultra-scenic Flynn Road with the windmills, Morgan Territory, Tesla, and more!

Time your trip accordingly! It’s always worth checking both the weather and wind before you ride. Here are Livermore average high temperatures:

  • July – 90°F/32°C – morning/early evening riding feels best
  • January – 57°F/14°C

Map Cheat Sheet

Here’s a very abbreviated map view of some of the hot-spots for cycling and parking around Livermore.

Happy cycling to you! Follow me and say hi on Strava and Instagram!

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