Welcome to the Gigabody Blog!

We’re so excited to launch our blog today to share fitness & health news, inspirational content, insights and relevant reviews with you, from our staff and incredible guest bloggers.

As you know by now if you follow us on social media, we’re huge fans of everything fitness, empowerment though movement, tips and tools to find health and happiness. Everyone’s journey is different, but there’s inspiration and knowledge that we can all share.

Blog Topics We Love

Here’s a preview of just a few of the categories we’re excited to feature going forward.

It’s Science!
Here we’ll feature studies and trends we’re following, linking you to verifiable sources. Sometimes it seems like as soon as a study comes out, there’s another one to contradict it, but they can’t all be wrong! At the very least, this will be informative and entertaining.

Personal Journeys
Who doesn’t love a story of triumph, struggle, and adversity? We’ve all been there in different ways. Whether it’s someone who’s lost weight and kept it off, someone finding their passion or going after their dreams, or someone accomplishing something at an unexpected point in their lives… Really can’t get enough of these!

Tech & Wearables
We’ll share our insights on the latest gadgets and apps in the fitness and tech space.

Is there a topic you’d like us to cover? Let us know!

Valerie Lanard

Valerie Lanard

I am a fitness buff, engineering leader, and wearables lover. This blog originally started as part of my now-defunct fitness video startup, Gigabody. It has evolved to encompass my writing on tech and work culture as well. Find me on a bike, on a hike, in a skort, or near a usb port.

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